The Minimum You Need to Know
Agile Book
Pages: 424pp
ISBN-13: 978-1-9397320-9-5 paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-9397320-8-8 hardcover

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Table of Contents

The Terminal Days
The A/B Switch
Tiered Storage
How Was Your First Day?
Organic Systems Development
Software as a Competitive Advantage
A Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for a Sewer
The River of Souls
Solve the Whole Problem
Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
Define Forever
Inner and Outer Joins Are a Red Flag of Failed Design
The Four Holy Documents and Architecture
Relational database vendors stepped up to the plate
Karoshi – Do More with Less
Rapid Application Development
We Swung the Hammer Too Much
The Mythical Business Analyst
Management by Crisis
A Prototype is Not a Product
Too Big to AGILE
The Phallus of Scrum
Ruminations and Observations
The Network Software Appliance
Consultant or Contract Coder
The Non-Consumer Economy
Factoring Your Way Into Bankruptcy
Trickle Down with a Chainsaw
Corporate Housing vs. Corporate Housing
Requirements for a Cluster
How Do You Spot the Bottom Feeders?
Professional Day
Fixed Bid
Flat-Rate Internet Phone
Requires a Test Before Interview
Long Lead Time
Some Career Advice
The Changing Game of Recruiting and Consulting
Your Legacy
Killing Patients Wholesale
The More You Are Paid the Less You Are Worth
Cryptocurrency and the Coming Financial Apocalypse
Security Via Obsolescence
Royalties – Every Stupid Idea Comes Around Again
Calculating Your Minimum Hourly Rate
Encryption – Last Great Bastion of the Damned
How Do You Backup the Human Race?
The Era of the Smart Phone is Over
A Virtual Room Full of Geeks
A Jag and His Jag